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Food wastage is one of the failures of modern living. How is it that we take something that has been provided from the earth, cooked up with skill and love, something we have paid to have delivered to our table with a gracious smile, and then allow any of it to go to waste?

For many restaurants, this plate waste accounts for around one third of the total waste to landfill in their bins.

As customers and business owners, we have  an opportunity to change the way we do food waste. Especially here in the Northern Rivers.

Firstly, it is important to know that doggy bags are legal in NSW- everything you need to know is here.

With growing numbers of conscious consumers,  businesses can really get on the front foot and earn a reputation for generosity, and hospitality. It can also support your brand.

Sydney’s Chiswick will offer before you can ask and bring it back in a branded calico bag. Brand building right there.

Even the French are working towards changing long ingrained behaviours and beliefs, encouraged by difficult economic times, rising consciousness about food waste, and an environmentally minded younger generation that is more familiar with takeout culture.

The top tip for making the change would be to ask your customers first. Don’t wait for them to ask, make it part of your business culture to reap the rewards of reducing your waste and activate every opportunity for customer relationships.

For Northern Rivers businesses there are resources available that can help you to manage take home food. Waste Warriors can help with stickers for you to provide information to your customers about how to manage their left overs.

Contact us to find out more.